Can You Date This Photo?

Family_reunion The summer holidays are often a time to hold family reunions. It's difficult to gather extended family members in the same place at the same time. Since it happens so seldom, don't forget to take a lot of digital photographs.

Can you put a date on this photo? If so, what were your clues? How often does your family have a reunion?

Photo on flickr by TW Collins

Photo Contests

WaterscapeDo you enter Photo Contests? There are some great online contests, such as those found at BetterPhoto or ShutterBug.

Most of these contests use online or mail submissions. But what of the local photography contests? Wouldn't it be great to create a portfolio in a ZoomAlbum to handout to the judges? If you'd like to try it, we still have a limited supply of FREE ZoomAlbum kits - just give us a shout and we'll send one out.

What are your favorite photo contests?

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ZoomAlbum - Great Mother's Day Ideas

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, ZoomAlbum makes for a great Mother's Day gift - in more ways than one

If you're interested in trying out a ZoomAlbum kit, we'll be happy to send you a sample.

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