Can You Date This Photo?

Family_reunion The summer holidays are often a time to hold family reunions. It's difficult to gather extended family members in the same place at the same time. Since it happens so seldom, don't forget to take a lot of digital photographs.

Can you put a date on this photo? If so, what were your clues? How often does your family have a reunion?

Photo on flickr by TW Collins

Send a ZoomAlbum Instead of a Greeting Card

Graduate_1It’s graduation time! Tired of sending the same old greeting card? Want to send something meaningful to the special graduate in your life? For lasting memories, how about giving them a ZoomAlbum?

  • Include a picture from each school year
  • Photos of their school friends
  • Photos of special family events over the years
  • Photos of graduation ceremonies and celebrations

How would you use a ZoomAlbum? Want to test one? We have a limited supply of free kits for you to try. Contact us today.

Photo from Sarah MB at Flickr

ZoomAlbum - Great Mother's Day Ideas

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, ZoomAlbum makes for a great Mother's Day gift - in more ways than one

If you're interested in trying out a ZoomAlbum kit, we'll be happy to send you a sample.

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Pets Are Family Too

Basset_1 We sure do love our pets,
Hey - they are people too.
We take lots of pictures of 'em,
C'mon...of course you do.

They love us unconditionally,
No matter what, they don't stay mad.
And when we reach our lowest point,
Just their stare can make us glad.

Now you can take their cute faces
Wherever you see fit.
Snap a couple of mug shots,
And put them in a ZoomAlbum kit.

Kittens_1 Show them off to friends and family
Boast about them often.
And if your day turns gloomy,
Look at their photos and your mood will soften.

If you'd like to try out a ZoomAlbum kit,
Download the software and see.
How easy it is to make your own,
By watching this short movie.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

ZagardFlowers in springtime are gorgeous. In fact, flowers are gorgeous anytime of the year. But after a gray winter, flowers exploding with color are like sweet nectar for our eyes and imagination.

This is a busy time of year for nurseries, gardeners, landscapers, and hobbyists as they become artists on Mother Nature's canvas. A great way to capture this beauty forever is with a ZoomAlbum.

There are many ways to use ZoomAlbum, either professionally or simply a way to capture the moments.

How could ZoomAlbumbe used?

  • Florists:  as a presentation of your inventory.
  • Landscapers: as a Before and After of your work
  • Photogrpahers: as a portfolio
  • Gardeners: for handouts in local contests

We'd love to see some of these folks use ZoomAlbum™ and tell us what they think. Want to give ZoomAlbum a try? Download the software.

Attention Bloggers: We'd love to send you a few sample kits while supplies last. Email us and let us know how many kits you'd like and your blog site address (we'd enjoy linking to you on our blogroll).

While we aren't sure if these folks are using ZoomAlbum(yet), we love watching their gardens grow via their blogs. Check 'em out:

- Macro Art in Nature by Michael Brown
Dirt by Amy Stewart
Horticultural by Jane Perrone
- An Iowa Garden by Don
Flower Power by Evans-King Floral
- A Gardening Year - by OldRoses

Okay enough of this, get outside - enjoy the colors...take lots of pictures:-)

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