Can You Date This Photo?

Family_reunion The summer holidays are often a time to hold family reunions. It's difficult to gather extended family members in the same place at the same time. Since it happens so seldom, don't forget to take a lot of digital photographs.

Can you put a date on this photo? If so, what were your clues? How often does your family have a reunion?

Photo on flickr by TW Collins

Send a ZoomAlbum Instead of a Greeting Card

Graduate_1It’s graduation time! Tired of sending the same old greeting card? Want to send something meaningful to the special graduate in your life? For lasting memories, how about giving them a ZoomAlbum?

  • Include a picture from each school year
  • Photos of their school friends
  • Photos of special family events over the years
  • Photos of graduation ceremonies and celebrations

How would you use a ZoomAlbum? Want to test one? We have a limited supply of free kits for you to try. Contact us today.

Photo from Sarah MB at Flickr

ZoomAlbum - Great Mother's Day Ideas

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, ZoomAlbum makes for a great Mother's Day gift - in more ways than one

If you're interested in trying out a ZoomAlbum kit, we'll be happy to send you a sample.

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