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"...Do Something Different"

Img_1056 According to speaker, author and fellow blogger Graham Jones, "If you want your presentation to be recalled by your audience, do something different." That's great advice - and I want to tell you about something different you can do with handouts.

A lot of us rely on PowerPoint® presentations every day. But what kind of handouts do you have?

ZoomAlbumâ„¢ Creator software Version 1.09 has a feature that allows you to import PowerPoint slides so you can print them in this neat little album. Yesterday I had the opportunity to try it out. It's pretty cool and it may just be the unique leavebehind that will make your audience remember you and your product or service. Just think, a custom printed cover and 12 color slides highlighting your key points. The possibilities are endless.

Check it out. You can make 'em yourself or download the software, import the slides and have a quantity of albums made at the  "You Pic 'em, We Print 'em" Online Store. Here's the easy instructions.


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Dick Rowan

I agree with you. People are bored with the same old slides, stapled handouts, and cheesy manuals. And they often misplace the emails and links you give them.

In my consulting business, I have identified or used more than 30 different types of ZoomAlbums. My favorite is to make portable project books as takeaways for kickoff meetings.

Check out my blog post here:

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