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Benra Blog of the Day - Simple Geek

We'll let the pictures and presentation of this photojournal speak for itself.  Visit the blog, mouse-over the photos.  We like!  Poll opens tomorrow morning.

Bondage_1 Bondage_over

Fireworks over Detroit

Fireworks_1 We're just starting a long holiday weekend and as I write tonight I can hear the boom of fireworks, so it seems appropriate to dedicate this post to July 4th celebrations.

Here's a spectacular digital photograph of the recent fireworks display in downtown Detroit.

Where are you celebrating the holiday and what's your favorite event? This might be a good opportunity to capture your memories in a ZoomAlbumâ„¢  so you can share with family and friends.

Check out these links:

Photo on flickr by joojanta2000

Benra Blog of the Day - dups.ca

One thing we've noticed right away while picking out the Benra Blog of the Day: Start earlier in the day.  So tomorrow, we'll post the daily early - then the poll will be open for the weekend so you can pick the Weekly Winner.  Remember, the winner gets a ZoomAlbum with 12 pics from their site.

We wandered through the brilliance of dups.ca well past our bedtime. Great thoughts behind each photo, with info on the shot and equipment used.

Here's one of our faves, Avalon Coast


Sun on Chrome

Cars_1 Summer is the time for car shows, especially on long weekends. It's a chance to capture digital photographs of grand cars and good friends - memories in the making. Here's a nice example.

What's your favorite car - classic or custom? Send us a picture and we'll post it.

Photo on flickr by sportpictures

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Benra Blog of the Day - Arranging Matches

Castle Where are ya going?

DisneyWorld - thanks to Arranging Matches, who recently went on a photo safari of the Magic Kingdom. Here's a link to the whole photoblog.

A good eye, lots of great landscapes and some baseball shots that would make the Upper Deck folks jealous.

Hat Tip : Mike Sansone dropped us a line about the redesign Arranging Matches just launched.

Telegraph Wires are Buzzin'

TelegraphOn June 27, 1847, New York and Boston were linked by telegraph wires. Think about the buzz and excitement that must have gone on! In honor of this day in history, here's an interesting photo.

I was happy to see that a few others shared my interest in these photos. Here are a few blogs that have interesting pictures of telegraph wires.

Do you have a favorite digital photograph with telegraph wires?

Photo on Flickr by skinnyde

Benra Blog of the Day - A Walk Through Durham Township, PA

We enjoyed the tours by foot on today's photoblog.  The stroll through the old Bethlehem Steel building was eerie and cool at the same time.  I could almost smell the pungent odors. Then we stepped outside for some fresh air in a foggy meadow.

All part of the journey at A Walk Through Durham Township, Pennsylvania.

Here's a quick pick at the photographer's favorites

Walking the Cow...

Bicyclecow_1 On this date - June 26 - in 1819, the bicycle was patented (at least according to one source). Since then, I have found many other references and patents.

Anyway, I like the topic of bicycles for today. They have changed our lives. We use bicycles for sports, play, our daily commute, and even to exercise pets. This picture caught my attention. Do you have a favorite digital photograph of a bicycle to share?

Here are a few blogs on bicycling that may be of interest.

Photo on Flickr by Rick Price

Benra Blog of the Day - Barcelona Photoblog

What drew our attention to Carlos Lorenzo's Barcelona Photoblog was the commentary along with each image. It's interesting to see through a photographer's eyes, but even more interesting when we can peek into their thoughts.

Every now and again, we can almost hear Carlos crooning through his images: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.

Here's one of our favorites, and we agree - It's Just Like a Painting

Digital Media Thoughts on ZoomAlbum

Jason Dunn at Digital Media Thoughts shares a step-by-step tour using ZoomAlbum Creator for a family project.

Here's part of what Jason had to say:

"The kits do not include any software; you download it from the ZoomAlbum website That process was fast and painless, and within minutes I was using the software. It was very simple to use, although there were some strange user-interface quirks."

Jason shows how easy the ZoomAlbum Creator is to use, but then offers this story and advice:

"The ZoomAlbum book was a big hit with my mother-in-law (tears were flowing), and I can imagine many creative uses for a product like this (especially with kids). If you're reasonably talented at paper folding projects, I can heartily recommend ZoomAlbum. If you're all thumbs, it will likely be a frustrating process that you'll need help to complete - but if ZoomAlbum includes a video tutorial with every software download, it would be much easier."

Sometimes, we're all thumbs too. That's why we've put together a team of thumbs to do the folding for you. We're very close to launching our You Pic It - We Print It ZoomAlbum service. You take the pictures and send them in, we'll do the folding and thumbing. Less than .80 cents per print ($9.50 + shipping)

Good review Jason, your mother-in-law is a lucky lady. Keep up the great work at Thoughts Media - good stuff!