Takin' a Break

61471666_c16c1204b7_b_4It's so much fun visiting other blogs, commenting on photos and making ZoomAlbums, that we're going to take a break from posting. We may return after a bit.

In the meantime, visit some of our favorite places that we linked to in previous posts. Here's a few more:

If you have a favorite site, post a comment, and we'll add to our list.

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"...Do Something Different"

Img_1056 According to speaker, author and fellow blogger Graham Jones, "If you want your presentation to be recalled by your audience, do something different." That's great advice - and I want to tell you about something different you can do with handouts.

A lot of us rely on PowerPoint® presentations every day. But what kind of handouts do you have?

ZoomAlbum™ Creator software Version 1.09 has a feature that allows you to import PowerPoint slides so you can print them in this neat little album. Yesterday I had the opportunity to try it out. It's pretty cool and it may just be the unique leavebehind that will make your audience remember you and your product or service. Just think, a custom printed cover and 12 color slides highlighting your key points. The possibilities are endless.

Check it out. You can make 'em yourself or download the software, import the slides and have a quantity of albums made at the  "You Pic 'em, We Print 'em" Online Store. Here's the easy instructions.


SilhouetteIsn't this a great silhouette of a child? The hat is wonderful. My parents used to have silhouette photos hanging in the living room and I developed an appreciation for them.

If you're like me, maybe you captured a silhouette by accident, or you always wondered how they do that. If so, check the sites below for tips and examples.

Aren't digital photographs fun? What scene would you like to capture as a silhouette?

Photo on flickr by tedb3rd

Scenes from the Beach

SistersonbeachThis is a darling photo - one a grandparent would treasure in a photo album. It evokes memories of children's laughter, windblown hair, the smell and taste of salty surf, and sand between the toes.

With the heat index in the 100s this week, the beach scene is where many people are going - after all, it's summer and vacation time! Make sure to wear your hat.

Where is your favorite beach spot? Here's some blogs with great beach photographs.

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Let Them Eat Cake

WeddingcakeOnce the nuptials are complete, we move on to the wedding reception. The cutting and eating of the wedding cake by the bride and groom is a time-honored tradition. Then we all get to partake in the sweet dessert.

Here is a beautiful example of a wedding cake. This picture would make a great addition to your photo album.

What kind of cake did you have at your wedding? Or maybe you're planning right now - have you decided on a cake yet?

Take a look at these links about wedding cakes and wedding planning.

Photo on flickr by Manassas Cakery

Weddings and Flowers? Naturally.

Wedding_1What  wedding is complete without flowers? The beautiful arrangements set the mood and make great digital photographs.

And we can't forget the flower girls! Kids are so photogenic (like the ones in this sweet picture). Often the candid shots are the most fun to put in an album. It's a great way to remember your day.

Have you decided what flowers you want for your wedding?  Here's a few sites to review as you're planning:

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Unique Wedding Favor

WeddingLooking for an unusual way to share the memory of your special day? How about a ZoomAlbum as a wedding favor. They're also great gifts for the wedding party and family members.

And everyone wants to see the wedding photos, but who wants to lug around a big photo album. You can easily carry a ZoomAlbum or two with your favorite digital photographs.

Make 'em yourself or download the software, select the photos and have a quantity of albums made at the  "You Pic 'em, We Print 'em" Online Store.

Here's links to a few wedding planner blogs:

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This looks like a refreshing summer walk. I can imagine being there - the water, the fog, the sand, the birds. And it also makes a beautiful digital photograph for a ZoomAlbum.

Many of you have  asked where you can puchase these popular albums. We're pleased to announce that the online store is now ready. Have you picked out the photos you want us to print?

With the opening of the store you now have a choice to buy the do-it-yourself kits or submit your photos and let us print and assemble your ZoomAlbums and have them delivered to your door.

Don't delay - visit today!  "You Pic 'em, We Print 'em" Online Store

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His Eyes Are Closed!

If you have ever tried to take digital photographs of a group of people, you know that it can be a challenge. Someone usually has their eyes closed. I often take multiple shots, hoping that one will be just right, but it doesn't always work out. Groupshot

Thanks to SeanDaniel.com, we heard about a cool new tool that was released in January called Group Shot by Microsoft Research. You can select your favorite parts from a series of several photos and build a composite image.

According to a January lifehacker post, the team had not yet extensively tested the product. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We're always looking for ways to enhance the quality of our digital photographs.

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Can You Date This Photo?

Family_reunion The summer holidays are often a time to hold family reunions. It's difficult to gather extended family members in the same place at the same time. Since it happens so seldom, don't forget to take a lot of digital photographs.

Can you put a date on this photo? If so, what were your clues? How often does your family have a reunion?

Photo on flickr by TW Collins